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  • My Free Zoo – The paradise for animal lovers

    There is a variety of genres and themes in the world of free online games, browser games, and zoo games. One of the games that catches the eye is My Free Zoo. This game gives you the opportunity to design and manage your own zoo. It's fun, educational, and has a lot to offer.

    In My Free Zoo, you take on the role of a zoo director. You equip your zoo with a variety of animals - from classic zoo animals such as giraffes, elephants, and lions to exotic creatures. It's not just a browser game, it's a virtual world where you can learn, have fun, and make friends.

    The online game My Free Zoo is easy to play and requires no download. Just log in and get started! If you're a fan of tycoon games and animal games, then My Free Zoo will definitely be your next favorite game!
  • My Free Zoo – the popular animal browser game

    From A for Amazon dolphin to Z for zebra mongoose - in My Free Zoo you can discover the most uncommon species! Build enclosures in this online game and equip them with feeding troughs, water troughs, and play equipment. All animals will feel right at home in your virtual zoo simulation.

    The perks of My Free Zoo are manifold and make the game one of the best online games in its category. One of the highlights is the broad selection of animals. From big cats to exotic birds and native species - you can collect, care for, and breed these animals.

    Each species needs a different enclosure. This creates a varied animal oasis with savanna, mountain and other enclosures. Play My Free Zoo in your browser now - simply log in online and play for free. No download required!
  • Feeding, taking care of, breeding in My Free Zoo

    Animal fans love this online game! In My Free Zoo, enclosures have to be cleaned regularly, feeding troughs must be filled, and animals want to be played with. You can do everything in this cozy game with just one click.

    As a good zoo director, you are of course also responsible for the preservation of rare species: so get started right away with the breeding center in My Free Zoo! Cute baby pandas and adorable young elephants will soon be romping around in the enclosures of your browser game...

    With over 300 different exotic animals, various types of enclosures and decorations as well as other game elements, you can design your zoo according to your own ideas. The lovingly designed graphics and animations round off a fantastic gaming experience. Join in and play My Free Zoo now!
  • My Free Zoo: Tycoon game with heart and animal

    Your mission in MyFreeZoo is to create an animal paradise for all species! Domestic animals such as wild boar and red foxes are just as welcome in the zoo browser game as exotic animals. An aviary, a terrarium and water enclosures with large and small fish or marine mammals complete your online zoo.

    Exchange ideas with other players via the chat or join an organization - there is a friends feature, guild feature, and much more to discover. This casual game is designed to be very beginner-friendly and free-to-play.

    What are you waiting for? It's easy to log in and you don't even need a download for this zoo game. Immerse yourself in the My Free Zoo adventure - the best zoo game ever!